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Laser Hair Removal Memphis

Hello, If you found us by searching “Memphis Laser Hair Removal” or “Electrolysis Memphis Tn” then luckily we are in your area. Welcome to Laser Hair Removal Memphis, we are an elite laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal company.

We strive to make this popular trend among celebrities available to everybody without reducing the quality of treatment or the service standards.

Old traditional hair removal techniques such as shaving, waxing, bleaching, or tweezing are painful, outdated, and temporary. We offer a painless and permanent solution to the hassle of unwanted hair. We have the ability to remove hair from anywhere on the body with our advanced Dual Accento laser device.

Take a step towards the future of hair removal. Call today to be scheduled for your no-obligation consultation.

About Laser Hair Removal Memphis

Memphis is full of diverse culture and musical history, our city is packed with innovation and economic growth, which is why it is the perfect place to make this fast-growing trend the number one choice for hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal Memphis is dedicated to creating an elegant and affordable option for everyone. Laser hair removal started as an unobtainable treatment for the elite and has transformed into a nationwide desire. Our team is educated and professional, we care about your goals and are determined to help you feel the best you can in your skin.

We understand how frustrating undesirable hair can be and the lengths people go to remove it, this is why our goal is to make your experience like a spa treatment you look forward to.

We are best known for our top of the line customer service and results, with our Dual Accento laser device you will receive the best results in the area.

Why Choose Us?

So what makes Laser Hair Removal Memphis stand out among the rest? It is the overall experience you will receive from when you walk in the door to when you leave. We have kept the Celebrity treatment standards while making it affordable for any budget. It is important to us that our patients receive the same treatment and service as they would in downtown LA.

Call us today and let us get started with your customized treatment plan!

We have been lucky enough to bring Memphis laser hair removal to men and women all over Memphis and the surrounding areas for years. Our passion is making your experience with us more like a spa treatment then your standard hair removal techniques.

It is important for us to:

  • Created an elegant atmosphere for our patients
  • Offer free consultations with no obligation to proceed
  • Listen to our patient’s goals and customize a treatment plan
  • Make your treatment as comfortable as possible
  • Offer affordable options for permanent hair removal Memphis.
  • Provide the areas best laser hair removal results.

Free consultation

We provide free consultations for laser hair removal. Contact us one of our specialists today to find out how to remove your unwanted hair and get that smooth skin you've always dreamed of!

What To Expect with SLC Laser Hair Removal

Our reputation is important to us, that is why we maintain high-quality customer service for every patient. We want your experience to remain consistent with every visit. At Laser Hair Removal Memphis we desire to transform the process of hair removal into a spa procedure.

When you call our office you will be greeted with hospitality, our staff will get you set up with your free consultation on a day that works best for you. We then e-mail you information about our company and the laser hair removal services we offer and our amazing package deals.

This is so you can be prepared with any questions you may have. We take time to go over a demonstration of the device and show it before and after comparisons. You will receive a tour of our office and the different treatment rooms.

We do ask that you stop all waxing and tweezing appointments since we will be treating the hair follicle that is removed with those types of removal methods.

Our goal is to make your treatment feel more like a spa experience. We will provide you with any topical numbing you may need to be combined with our Chill tip device you will experience little to no discomfort. We do make sure to perform a test patch to see how the hair and skin react.

Your appointment can last anywhere from 10 minutes up to 1 hr based on the size of the area. After your treatment, you may return to your normal day to day activities.

You may experience minor side effects such as swelling or redness but this should subside throughout the day.

Our professionals are here and ready to help you look and feel your best with our top of the line hair removal treatments

Services We Offer

If you need laser hair removal Memphis Tennessee then we provide all the services you may need, our Dula Accento laser hair removal device along with our dermatologists can provide the best treatments in the Memphis area.

Enjoy your treatment in our elegant treatment rooms. Hair removal should no longer be frustrating or time-consuming. For once relax and let us do the grooming.

memphis brazilian hair removal & memphis bikini line hair removal

Brazilian Laser

Hair Removal

Our Brazilian treatment is becoming one of the most popular treatments for our patients. We offer either the Brazilian which is the removal of all the hair in the pubic area or bikini which removes the hair on the outside of the pubic region. Our service is given in a professional and spa environment.

memphis chest hair removal and back hair removal

Chest/Back Laser

Hair Removal

This treatment is a common request from men, we can perform hair removal on the entire area or if you suffer from patching hair growth. Women request chest hair removal for the stubborn hairs that may grow around the nipple or on the breast.

memphis leg laser hair removal

Leg/Arm Laser

Hair Removal

Leg and Arm hair are both easy areas to treat, typically the hair follicle is fine and quickly removed. Eliminate the hassle of monthly waxing appointments for our top of the line laser removal.

memphis electrolysis


Hair Removal

If you are needing Electrolysis Memphis TN treatment then we can help. The process of electrolysis differs from laser hair removal by using heat energy and a very fine probe which is inserted into the hair follicle to destroy it for good making it impossible for hair to grow.

This treatment is more painful than laser removal and may take more treatments since the process is slower. This does provide permeate results.

memphis armpit hair removal

Underarm Laser

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal of the underarms is the newest and best way to rid the hassle of shaving daily for good. Treatments are painless and one of the fastest treatments we offer. Removal of the hair in this area has also been shown to decrease sweat and odor.

memphis facial hair removal

Facial Laser

Hair Removal

Facial hair removal includes upper lip, chin, Beard, Sideburns, Neckline, and hairline. A treatment that started out with A list celebrities now available to you. Facial hair removal along with our Chilltip device is completely painless. Treatments can be as quick as 5 minutes.


I have been looking for a hair removal Memphis at reasonable prices when I went into office. I couldn’t believe this was a place I could afford. It felt high class and extremely fancy. I chose the Upper lip package so I will be receiving the third treatment half off. I am super happy with the affordable options they have.

Stephanie M.

This place is definitely high class, as soon as I arrived I was offered water or coffee and greeted by at least 2 girls. They take time to make their customers feel special, the rooms are clean and modern, it felt like I was in Beverly Hills. I can’t wait to go back for my appointment. All the girls were so friendly.

Tessa H.

I went in to have my neckline treated, I was nervous because I didn’t know much about the process except for what my wife told me. I did use the topical numbing because well why not, but the procedure was painless. It’s only been 1 treatment and it's exactly what I wanted, the dermatologist listened to exactly what I wanted and the look I was going for. I go back in 7 weeks for my follow up.

Mark G.

About Memphis TN

Famous for their predominant role in Soul, Blues, and Rock n Roll, Memphis Tennessee is home to some of the most famous musical landmarks, the Blues Hall Of Fame, the Rock N’ Soul Museum and Graceland.

Music flows through the city streets, there is a new adventure around every corner. Our historic vintage trolley and neighborhoods, a bike trail that crosses the river, and unique shopping and dining experiences. On the banks of the Mississippi River, Memphis experiences around 218 days of sunshine and 4 vibrate seasons.

Memphis surround cities:

  • Germantown TN
  • Collierville TN
  • Bartlett TN
  • Lakeland TN
  • Arlington TN
  • Many other surrounding areas


What areas can I have removed?

We offer hair removal treatments anywhere on the body, laser removal can not be used on the eyebrows because it is too close to the eyes. Our electrolysis hair removal treatment can remove hair anywhere on the body and the eyebrows.

Is Laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal should be less painful than waxing, we provide two solutions if you feel discomfort, our topical numbing and the advanced ChilTip device to cool the area during treatment.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal Memphis cost can vary depending on the size of the treatment area and the amount of removal needed to reach your desired smoothness.

We strive to provide the areas most elite laser removal at affordable prices.

Are there any side effects?

They may be a few minor side effects such as redness, swelling, or tingling sensation. These should all subside within a few hours.

How long does it take?

This is based on your treatment area, an upper lip or underarm removal can be as quick as a few minutes, a full-back treatment may take up to 1 hr.

How should I prepare?

This time there is not much you have to do to prepare! The only thing we need is to stop all hair removal appointments like waxing or tweezing 6 weeks before treatment. You may continue shaving since shaving does not remove the hair follicle

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If you are looking for Electrolysis Memphis, Hair removal Memphis, or Laser hair removal Memphis TN then we are the choice for you. We provide elite laser hair removal procedures in an elegant and modern atmosphere at prices affordable to anyone.

Our mission is to keep the Los Angeles feel, and Celebrity results and lose the unreasonable pricing.

We maintain our top of the line spa experience along with the best hair removal device on the market today. We want to change the way you look at hair removal. It should no longer be a frustrating painful task, it should be a relaxing rewarding spa treatment.

Our appointments fill up quickly so call now to secure your free no-obligation consultation!

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